Hayesville Elementary School Decorate Pumpkins for the Harvest Celebration

Clay County Schools, Community
The 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Hayesville Elementary School have been decorating pumpkins to put on the Historical Square downtown Hayesville as part of the Punkin Chunkin harvest celebration. They have been placed along the square this week!
This project was made possible by businesses and individuals sponsoring this project. There is a banner and sign up on the square to give credit to these sponsorships.
Many businesses have decorated pumpkins in the past and shared them with the community, please don’t stop. There is not a formal pumpkin decorating program for the businesses this year, but these fall decorations sure bring joy. I had a pumpkin milk shake from Chinquapins and walked around the square and there were folks taking pictures of the pumpkins and little ones are trying to find their pumpkins to show their families.
Thank you to the support from the staff at Hayesville Elementary School, especially the art teacher Brooke Ballew.

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