Pre-season interview with new Hayesville Head Coach Chad McClure

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The Hayesville Yellow Jackets are excited about their 2019 football season under their new head coach, Chad McClure.

“I hear a lot of excitement,” said McClure. “They can’t wait to get started, they can’t wait to open up on August 23rd against Towns County.”

This will be McClure’s first season in the head coach position. A Hayesville native himself, he was previously a special teams assistant coach for the Yellow Jackets.

Although football hype can fade, McClure has a plan for building up the confidence among the team.

“The main thing that we’re trying to do is work on the kids [and] the mentality, getting them to believe that they can compete and they can win every game that they go out there,” said McClure.

Watch the rest of the interview below as part of the Team FYN Sports 2019 Western Carolina Coaching Series!

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