• Daddy Issues

    Psychiatrists have long harped upon the pitfalls women can experience if their father is not active and present in their lives. http://mamiverse.com/father-daughter-relationships-daddy-issues-13916/ Girls and boys need their fathers in order to develop properly. The value of a present, active father is often underrated in our society. However, if you subscribe to some of the liberal […]

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  • The Corruption of Power

    The Corruption of Power As things are proving out, it would appear that no matter what the Democrats do in Congress, it’s wrong. Of course, their sole aim is to destroy Donald Trump and get him out of office by hook or crook no matter the consequences to their own existence or the damage to […]

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  • Civil War: How do civil wars happen?

    A thought provoking perspective from the San Diego source / Worth a Peek. Civil War: How do civil wars happen? Dr. Jack Devere Minzey Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can’t settle the question through elections because they don’t even agree that elections are how you decide who’s in […]

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  • Weekly Word Devotion

    1 Coronicles 29:14 “For all things come from You.” There are some 150,000 Life Coaches (personalized helper who for a fee, will partner with you in designing your future). For Christians, our Life Coach is the indwelling Holy Spirit. Einstein wrote, “Any intelligent fool can make things more complicated.” Isaac Newton once wrote, “Truth is […]

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  • Termites (Democrats) in the House

    Termites (Democrats) in the House Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is in California conniving with the fruitcake politicians at the California Democrat State Convention. Succumbing to the raucous chants of “Impeach, Impeach,” Nancy was obligated to agree to move in the direction of impeaching Donald Trump. Every story has a “but” behind it. […]

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  • Diagram for Civil War

    Diagram for Civil War What sane, logical thinking person, who isn’t a Progressive, could possibly believe the opusculum that was presented by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, opining publicly, in lieu of facing a Congressional Committee hearing with Republicans on it, the sanctimonious nonsense that fell from his lips. Complete rubbish! Mueller is and has […]

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  • Who Should Govern, POTUS or Judicial Activists?

    Who Should Govern, POTUS or Judicial Activists? America is returning, kicking and screaming all the way, to the old original ideas of American Constitutionalism. Progressives, having been so successful for so long in altering the American mind and reducing American culture and moral standards to the levels of dysfunction, that they have come to assume […]

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  • What’s the Crisis?

    What’s the Crisis? What is being revealed right before our very eyes is not, as Nancy Pelosi would have us accept, a Constitutional crisis, but rather, a crisis of government. We have too much government, too much money to be made being in government, too little work done for the benefit of American voters, and […]

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