Online learning deadline extended until August 27

Clay County Board of Education online learning

HAYESVILLE, NC – Clay County Board of Education opted to allow parents who wanted to move their children to online learning can do so until August 27.

Councilmember Kelly Crawford made the motion to extend until the 27 after some discussion on the best date. It was a unanimous vote.

“I want to reiterate with that, that’s it unless there’s a medical exemption. Once [parents or students] do that, they’re remote all fall,” Crawford clarified.

Initially, parents had until August 18 to move their children to online learning. Since that date, six parents came forward asking for the option. Three requests came from the elementary school, two from the middle school, and one from the high school.

The school system instated a mask requirement for students on August 18, 2021, before they returned in the fall.

“Our data shows that most of our kids are not successful fully remote, so that’s upfront. About 15 percent of our students have shown that they can be successful or have the support structure necessary to be successful in a fully remote environment,” Superintendent Dale Cole commented.

He added his recommendation that if the board lengthened the remote option, students must be remote for the entire semester. The back and forth between online and in-person creates additional stressors on students and teachers.

“When we voted to provide remote learning, it was going to be conditional for those who truly needed this option and not for those just wanted it to opt out of class for some reason,” Councilmember Reba Beck stated, “that doesn’t seem to be an issue.”

The move doesn’t apply to children in quarantine—the school system’s required by law to instruct the students who must quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure. Also, approved medical waivers let students enter homebound instruction based on their needs.

Clay County Board of Education voted to move law firms concerning foreclosure notices in the county. The previous firm wasn’t providing efficient communication concerning issues such as land foreclosures in the area. No one at the firm has responded to an email since February 2021.

The administration is in talks to hire a new firm out of Ashville, NC.

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